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13 February
O Reader, this is not a journal. I'm sure you are resourceful; if you wish to know about my personal life, you are welcome to deduce my e-mail address and e-mail me privately. Instead, this space is largely devoted to first drafts of various pieces of writing at various levels of originality. Other information will appear at irregular intervals and will probably involve subjects not always fascinating to the casual observer, such as mathematics, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and RPG characters.

Technical notes:

* I friend reciprocally but filter on a broad but regular basis, in a vain attempt to keep my procrastination at manageable levels.

* I lock posts from time to time, partly to maintain an illusion of privacy, and partly to forestall any future copyright conflicts with myself. If you're lurking here without an account, that means certain entries are hidden from you.
algebraic topology, ancient greek, arnegunde, calabi-yau, calabi-yau manifolds, carolingian illumination, comfortable penguins, complex geometry, diana wynne jones, differential geometry, e.m. forster, egyptian socks, embroidery, frederick marryat, french, gunnister burial, gwyneth jones, horace, imprese, k3 surfaces, knightly orders, latin, lawful neutral, littera bastarda, lois bujold, mathematics, medieval knitting, melissa scott, mirror symmetry, molly gloss, onomastics, paul voermans, r.a. macavoy, roman rustic, sca, society for creative anachronism, sprang, susan whitcher, swiss relic pouches, tah dig, topology, uncial, ursula k. leguin

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